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Moment by Moment

“Moment By Moment ” is a film by Emmy winning film maker Dorothy Fadiman. It is the documentary of Molly Hale, who suffered a spinal cord injury in an automobile rollover, and after being told there was no hope for movement below her shoulders, proceeded to rehabilitate herself and continues to recover. “Moment By Moment” is Molly’s story, a story about disabilities, health and healing, attitude, choice and intention, sex, intimacy, and relationships.

This film is appropriate viewing for anyone with or without a disability, their family, friends and extended community. We envision getting this into the hands of physicians and rehab specialists, and anyone who serves or cares about people who are aging or who has a disability. Your support in getting out the word is appreciated.”

As taken from the website

Here is the movie:

I didn’t want to write my own review on the film, as I felt it is inappropriate of me judge someone so incredible, someone who deserves so much respect. In any case, I would only have positive things to say anyway. I don’t think my opinion matters, when the message from this film is so strong.


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